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WordPress Development Benefits

If you are building a website or blog then there are many options for how to do this. There is the option of course to use a web design company to handle the design and creation for you. There is the option to build it from scratch, or the option to build a web design tool like Dreamweaver. One of the most effective and rapid ways to develop a website though is with WordPress. Here we will look at why that is.

WordPress essentially is a tool for building blogs and for developing websites. It started as a competitive alternative to Blogger or LiveJournal, but with a much more flexible selection of options that allowed users to create the blog really exactly how they liked. Then when WordPress allowed users to download the PHP framework to their own server and expanded their options they created a powerful tool that could be used to build and maintain a complete website.

The great thing about WordPress is that it means you can have a website up and running in minutes. All you need to do is to choose your theme, to choose your fonts and images and to upload it to your server and then you have a great and professional looking website. Many blogs and sites have managed to be highly successful using WordPress alone and this also means that if you are using WordPress you can rest assured that it is possible - it has been proven to be highly SEO friendly and it is so ubiquitous on the web that your visitors will be intuitively familiar with your layout and design.

However while this is all true the flexibility and number of options for your design mean that you can really do anything that you might do with a full website. And there's also a great community of developers surrounding WordPress who are constantly churning out new themes, new widgets, new tools and more which can be easily downloaded to your site to help give you more options to improve your business. Want to include a Twitter feed? Easy. Want to include more spam filters? Just click on a button.

The features your website will come with automatically will also be highly effective - you will be able to choose the layout of course exactly how you want, but you will also have the option to include comments immediately which will allow visitors to discuss your articles thus giving you free content and thus helping your SEO. At the same time you will also be able to provide an RSS feed for your blog meaning that people can read your updates however it suits them.

On top of all this using WordPress then allows you to easily manage your content and upload new articles. Forget about manually editing and coding each page - now all you have to do is to type into the box when you click new post and then hit upload. You can even copy and paste images directly onto your pages.