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The Nativity Story - 4 Ideas For Children's Nativity Fancy Dress

The Nativity Story is a popular Christmas play at Primary Schools up and down the country and is usually a time when mothers have to find a spare few hours to try and make Nativity fancy dress costumes for their child or children to wear.

What if you do not have a clue when it comes to making outfits for the Nativity Story or, in what is becoming more and more the case in our busy lives, you just do not have the time to make children's Nativity fancy dress costumes.

Fortunately, there are now a number of specialist online websites that make great looking children's Nativity fancy dress costumes, covering all of the different characters involved in the Nativity Story. These outfits usually offer tremendous value for money, so much so that you might want to purchase some of them for your children to wear in their dressing up games around the Christmas period.

Below we take a look at four ideas for children's Nativity costumes, so that your children can put on the Nativity Story this Christmas.

Animals In The Manger

A number of animals visited the baby Jesus in the manger and each of these animals are an inspiration for Nativity fancy dress costumes. A donkey costume or a lamb outfit are both great ideas, but I think a camel costume is a little bit more original and fun to wear. These particular outfits will bring a touch of the exotic to the Nativity Story.

The Virgin Mary

Just about every little girl wants to play being Mary in the Nativity Story. With this wonderful nativity outfit your daughter will be able to do exactly that. The Virgin Mary outfit usually consists of a pale blue child's dress with an authentic looking head piece.

Joseph (or one of the shepherds)

A child's shepherd fancy dress costume, which can easily double as a Joseph outfit, usually consists of a white or striped robe with a matching headpiece and black band. Do not forget to buy a shepherd's crook to finish off your outfit nicely.

The Three Wise Men

One of the most popular types of children's Nativity costumes in the Nativity Story are the Three Wise Men outfits. Depending on which of the kings you choose to play, the outfits usually consist of blue, purple or red capes with gold collars and crowns. Please note that some specialist websites run offers where you can buy two of the child Nativity King costumes and get the third one free of charge. This is of course a great offer if your child's school is putting on the Nativity Story this Christmas.