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New Age, New Jordans

If you're alive and breathing then there is no doubt that you have heard or seen the iconic Jumpman logo that Nike and Michael Jordan decided to use as the logo for a shoe brand that knows no boundaries.

First released in 1985 when Michael Jordan was still young in his groundbreaking career as a shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls Nike teamed up with "Your Airness" to create a shoe that could hold it down on the court, but still look fashionable on the corner kids standing at the mall on a Saturday night.

You would think with 25+ years of producing sneakers the product line would get stale and redundant, but with so many ways to classify the Jordan line and so many "sneakerheads" willing to buy a re-released edition with a few tweaks the legacy of Jordan will carry on through sneakers for many more years to come.

Lets talk a little more about some of the categories of Air Jordans:

OG's- Which are the original jordans

Retros- Shoes that have been recreated for sale

Retro-pluses- Retro + Air Jordans that have been recreated with minor differences to the original version

Player Exclusives- Pretty self-explanitory, but they are Jordans that are specific to certain players in different sports

The Jordan Brand- Which is Team Jordan, but separate from the Air Jordan line up.

2010 marks another successful year for Air & Team Jordan with many releases in the first half and several more to top the year off and quench the thirst of the MILLIONS of Air Jordan fanatics the brand has a hold on the industry that's stronger than ever before.