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How To Spot Fake UGG Boots

The problem when anything becomes popular is that is will be faked. This is especially the case with women's shoes and boots as they tend to be expensive and people are always on the look out for a cheaper alternative to the real thing. This especially true when it comes to buying UGG boots. However, if you are looking for the real thing then it can be incredibly frustrating if you part with your money only to receive a fake copy of the product.

The problem is that the internet has made it all too easy for fraudsters to advertise cheap imitations as the real thing and as you can't fully inspect them before purchasing a lot of people end up being very disappointed, not to mention ripped off! However, it is up to the consumer to have their wits about then when making purchases; if a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is! When the real UGG boots can get such high prices why would there ever be a need for the genuine product to be sold at a steep discount?

That being said, many consumers do fall for the lure of a bargain and only end up being disappointed. Others however, don't care if they do not get the real deal and as long as it looks close enough then they are happy! However, counterfeits do not last for the same length of time that the real thing does, therefore you are likely to hold on to these for a lot less time.

The UGG boot has fast become one of the most copied products around the world. The real things are from Australia and are incredibly warm with a furry lining made out of sheep's wool. You can recognise fake UGGs from real ones as fakes use cheap synthetic fur that doesn't have the same feel or colour. The fake products tend to use a lot of man-made materials and therefore have a slight chemical smell that you don't get with real boots.

If you spot a 'Made In China' label then this doesn't necessarily mean that your boot are fake. Both Classic and Short UGGs should have these labels. However, if they do have a 'Made in New Zealand' label then they will be fakes, only the Ultra Sundances Nightfall boots are made here.

A good indication of whether the boots are real or fake is to look at the soles. Real UGGs will have an R in a circle (this is the registered mark) next to the UGG but this will be missing on a fake. If you have authentic boots then the join between the sole and heel will be flush, and the UGG label will be embossed and not just printed.

There are instances where you may find boots that appear genuine in all other aspects but are being sold at a much lower price that normal. These are seconds, essentially. Check the label if they have one, this should be torn as a way of indicating that they are not perfect. They should also have the beige care card and insert.

Make sure you look out for these key signs and you should protect yourself from buying fakes. Real UGG boots look great, are comfortable and will last for years but fakes will quickly fall apart so make the investment and always get the real thing!